Erin Ludwick's E-Portfolio   Open Book

About Me

My name is Erin Ludwick and I am currently working as an English teacher at Urbana High School in Urbana, Il.  I completed my undergraduate work at Lincoln Christian College in Lincoln, Il and Illinois State University in Normal, Il.  While working at LCC, I earned a Bachelor's in Bible.  My coursework as ISU provided me with a Bachelor's in English and a Teaching Certificate that holds an endorsement in Middle School.  I am currently working on my graduate work at the University of Illinois. During the summer of 2008, I completed the Summer Institute of the National Writing Project.  Currently, I am an active member of both the Illinois Association of Teachers of English and National Council of Teachers of English.

My Classroom and Beliefs

The purpose of all my classes in to engage students is apsects of literacy and composition while providing an environment that fosters creativity and individual learning.  I teach three different classes and each supports the students in their academic endeavors in the areas of English and Reading.

My E-Portfolio & Reflections

This E-Portfolio was created to display my work for the University of Illinois Writing Project.  It includes writing I have done of many different types during the four weeks of my involvement.  If you explore the section labeled Demonstration, you will be able to view the components of the demonstration I presented.  It includes an explanation of my contentions and content of the handouts I presented.  Creating this demonstration was a great experience because it required me to display my core beliefs about the knowledge and technique I was presenting.   Selected Writings contains sampes of the freewrites and response writing that I completed during our writings response times.  These works were also shared with members of my writing group who provided feedback and suggestions for improvement.  Although some pieces were nothing more than rambles and rants, I was able to compose the rough draft intro to the story I have been wanting to write for years.  As part of my participation in the project, I was given time to read two different professional development books and a review of those texts has been placed in the Book Clubs heading.  Finally, the Videos section contains two of the video projects that I completed during my time during the summer institute.  One was part of an activity as part of a demonstration from another fellow.  The other is titled My Writing Process and was one of the most reflective, insightful projects I had ever been asked to create.  I was able to take skills I already had and sharpen them with the learning of new technologies and programs.  Filling in the content of the video required me to think about who I am as writer; something I had often asked my students to do by could not recall easily when asked.  Although it took some time, making my writing process video was beneficial to myself as a writer but also as an educator.  I now have representation of what I want my students to know about themselves and will be able to utilize as I continue my work as a teacher.